Fees and Charges

Alkimos College

Fees And Charges

The college will request a contribution of $235 from you for your child, which will allow the college to provide the following items across all learning areas in Year 7 to 10. These include:

  • class resource texts or eBooks
  • photocopy materials, including printing
  • curriculum materials/resources
  • materials for Visual Art, Design and Technology (woodwork), Science activities (including experiments)
  • cooking ingredients for Home Economics

We also request a cost for Technology of $20 and the charge for the school diary will be $10.

Please read the 2024 Parents Guide to Contributions and Charges for more information

The Department of Education’s Contribution, Charges and Fees Policy clearly states that it is expected that those parents who can afford to make the contribution, pay. Parents/carers who hold a concession card may be eligible for financial subsidy for the contributions, through the Secondary Assistance Scheme.


Secondary Assistance Scheme

The Secondary Assistance Scheme is available to parents/guardians of secondary students, up to and including the year in which they turn 18, and only if the parent/carer is a holder of one of the following prescribed cards (not the student). If a parent does not have a card the application will not be successful.

  • Centrelink Family Health Care Card;
  • Pensioner Concession Card; or
  • Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card.


The Secondary Assistance Scheme includes:

  • Educational Program Allowance of $235 (paid directly to the school)
  • Clothing Allowance of $115 (paid either directly to the school or to your nominated bank account)
  • Students in receipt of ABSTUDY are eligible for the ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance.


Application forms for the Secondary Assistance Scheme for 2024 are available to down load HERE. You will be required to lodge these forms in person from Wednesday 31 January 2024, as your valid concession card must be sighted and signature verified. Applications close at the end of Term 1 2024 (Thursday 28 March). No late applications will be accepted by the Department of Education.

At Alkimos College our students work together to foster creativity and innovation to create empowered individuals. We provide a safe and inclusive environment where ‘hands on’ and ‘minds on’ learning experiences are embedded in everyday college life. Our staff and students strive for excellence and grow with our community to cultivate a culture of high quality teaching and learning.

Personal Items List (Booklist)

These are items that your child will be required to bring to the college and may include:

  • stationery items
  • display books
  • calculators
  • protective eye wear


You may purchase your child’s Personal Items List online through OUR nominated college supplier (Campion) or you may choose any supplier (i.e. Officeworks, Woolworths, Coles etc.). Any purchases made through Campion will result in a commission payment to the college. (Please note: The Personal Items List for your child will be sent to you by mail at the beginning of December, together with your child’s Contributions and Charges Sheet. It will also be available on our college website at this time).

Get in Touch

Should you have any questions relating to the Fees and Charges or any other matter we encourage you to get in touch.