Alkimos College

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions have been compiled based on questions from our Year 6 enrolled students at our partner primary schools (Alkimos Beach PS, Alkimos PS, John Butler Primary College).

Building Related

Will the cafeteria be open?

Yes, our college café is fully operational.  The cafe is available before school and at break times from the first day of term.

Will the school oval be ready?

Due to the delay of construction of the shared use ovals with the City of Wanneroo, we will utilise the John Butler Primary College school oval for the first half of 2020 at least. Their oval will be accessed for Physical Education classes only. Our students will have access to grassed/play areas on the Alkimos College site during break times.

Will there be any lockers on site?

No. Secondary schools are not designed/built or funded for the provision of lockers. We may look at this as a facility for Year 12 students, but it is not needed for lower school.

What type of play areas will there be?

We will have 8 hardcourts, grassed areas, nature play.

Will the library be open after school?

Yes, the Library will be open Monday – Friday before school, break times and after school until 4:00 pm.

Will there be out of boundary areas?

Yes, particularly in the first year with only one cohort and limited duty staff available. These areas will be primarily during break times and be made known to students at the start of the year.

At Alkimos College our students work together to foster creativity and innovation to create empowered individuals. We provide a safe and inclusive environment where ‘hands on’ and ‘minds on’ learning experiences are embedded in everyday college life. Our staff and students strive for excellence and grow with our community to cultivate a culture of high quality teaching and learning.

Teaching & Learning

What time does school start and finish?

School starts at 8:40 am and finishes at 2:50 pm. We recommend that students arrive by 8:30 am.

How long is each class?

Each lesson/period is 64 minutes long. We will have bells to indicate the start/end of each period.

How many teachers are there?

In 2021 we will have approximately 22 teaching staff.

How were the teachers selected?

Teachers were selected by what is called a merit select process. They had to apply online for a position with a resume and a statement of claims against selection criteria. If they were shortlisted they then proceeded to interview. All of the teachers had to articulate why they wanted to join the foundation staff at Alkimos College.

How many classes are there?

For Year 7 in 2021 there will be 7 class sets.
For Year 8 in 2021 there will be 6 class sets.

Will there be any after school activities?

Yes! We have after-school academies running every day of the week and these include homework/study, sports, music, arts, fitness, martial arts, e-games, chess.

How do we sign up for after school clubs/activities?

Details on how to sign up will be made available to students early in the school year.

Will there be a nurse at the college?

It is anticipated we will have access to a Community Health Nurse for some period of time during the week.

Will we get lots of homework?

Homework/study may involve working on assessments, finishing off work not completed in class, studying for tests, reviewing work from class, reading and so forth. For Year 7 you can expect homework of up to an hour 4-5 times per week.

What extension programs will we have?

We have an academic pathway program called Alpha. Students are placed in this class based on a range of data, including Year 5 NAPLAN, Year 6 reports and Year 6 teacher recommendations. Students will be placed in Alpha for one of more of the MESH (Maths, English, Science, HASS) subjects. There will also be an Aspire class for students who may wish to challenge themselves to work at high levels and aspire to join the Alpha class. High academic and behavioural standards are required to maintain a place in both the Alpha and Aspire classes.

Will there be any excursions?

Yes. There will be incursions (on college grounds) and excursions throughout the year.

What is SALP?

SALP is the Specialised Autism Learning Program. For Year 7 in 2020 we have 6 students enrolled in the SALP.

Student Focused

Can we bring our devices to school?

No. There is no need to bring devices to the college. Students will have access to a range of devices including Surface Go’s, iPads, PCs, Macbooks.

When will we get our timetables?

Timetables will be issued to students on the first day of term, Monday 1 February 2021.

Where do we put our bags during school hours?

Bags are placed beside desks or at the back of classrooms (under teacher direction).

Do we have to wear a hat and put on sunscreen?

No. This is not required in secondary schools, but highly recommended.

Are we allowed to use our phones?

No. Mobile phones are to be off and away all day as per the Education Departments mobile phone policy.

Where can I buy the uniform?

The uniform is available for purchase from Uniform Concepts in Clarkson. Refer to the link under Helpful Information.

Can we wear our hair down/makeup/jewellery?

Yes, hair can be worn down, but for occupational health and safety reasons a teacher may request that hair be tied back eg in Home Economics and Design Technology.

Makeup is to be minimal – excessive make up is not permitted.

Jewellery is to be minimal. For occupational health and safety reasons a teacher may request that jewellery be removed eg hooped ear-rings eg in Home Economics and Design Technology.

Can we wear our own jumpers/shorts?

No. Only the college uniform (with Alkimos College logo) is allowed.

Are we having factions?

Yes. We have 4 Houses named after Greek Philosophers voted for by our Foundation Year 7 Cohort.   They are: Socrates (Green), Plato (yellow), Democritus (Red) and Aristotle (Blue). Allocation to a house is dependant on the first letter of your surname.

Do I need to bring all of my equipment on the first day?

Information regarding Day 1 will be sent to parents/carers. All that will be required is your school bag, pencil case, water bottle and lunch/snacks.

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