Employment Information

Alkimos College

Employment Information

Alkimos College focuses on providing its employees with a workplace that is stimulating, rewarding, innovative and enriching.


As a new college we will expand one-year group at a time (until full complement of Year 7-12 in 2025). Opportunities to show initiative, participate in leadership opportunities and grow professionally will be a feature of our staff profile. Staff will be expected to be flexible and respond to the needs of our students. Alkimos College staff need to understand and commit to high expectations and standards as part of our ‘Alkimos Approach.’. All teaching as well as support staff, share the college’s ethos.


Recruitment for 2021 has been finalised. The recruitment for 2022 staff will be a major focus in Term 3 2021 for both teaching and support staff.

At Alkimos College we are vibrant, innovative and collaborative.


Staff will:

  • Fully commit to the implementation of our Business Plan
  • Commit to the development of a Professional Learning Community
  • Commit to our Instructional Framework and classroom observation models
  • Commit to a growth coaching approach
  • Understand the value of formative assessment and systematically measuring student progress and engage students in the feedback process
  • Regularly interrogate data and use it to inform planning
  • Engage with students and parents through the learning management systems Connect and SEQTA
  • Engage in Professional Learning and ongoing reflection
  • Be technologically literate and fully integrate ICT in the classroom to engage students
  • Lead and promote co-curricular programs to create opportunities for all students
  • Value each child and develop deep relationships based on trust and respect
  • Expect to dress professionally
  • Set and maintain high standards in professional communication
  • Strive to develop a culture of excellence

At Alkimos College our students work together to foster creativity and innovation to create empowered individuals. We provide a safe and inclusive environment where ‘hands on’ and ‘minds on’ learning experiences are embedded in everyday college life. Our staff and students strive for excellence and grow with our community to cultivate a culture of high quality teaching and learning.

Feedback and Reporting


Jobs WA – https://jobs.wa.gov.au. All positions will be listed on the Jobs Board.


Applicant Information

Writing a teaching application



If you are interested in applying for relief work please note that the Education Department has moved to a new relief app operated through HRMIS. If you are interested you will need to register your name in the relief pool as advertised on Jobs WA  (see link below)



Interested staff can then nominate Alkimos College as a school they would like to do relief in.  Alkimos College will then build a custom list of suitable applicants.


If you have any questions in regards to the above then please contact:


Jason Tan, Associate Principal, via jason.tan@education.wa.edu.au

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Should you have any questions relating to our Employment Information or any other matter we encourage you to get in touch.