All Other Payments

Alkimos College

All Other Payments

Payments for:

  • Incursions
  • Excursions
  • Academies
  • Year Book
  • SmartRiders
  • Other payment items


These items can be paid via Bpay or Qkr!


Qkr! is available via the Qkr! App which can be downloaded to your phone or online on your device via the Qkr! website.


You will be able to pay for academies, incursions, excursions, Year Book as well as your child’s Charges and Contributions anytime (24/7). You will also be able to give consent for incursions and excursions and other events via the app (so easy to be able to do it on your phone!). This will eliminate the need print consent forms or have them get lost in the bottom of your child’s bag.


Your past payments and receipts will all be stored on the Qkr! app so parents can keep up to date with their college payments. This will also reduce the impact of the colleges’ environmental footprint on paper usage and printing which is growing as the college expands with more and more students each year.


Qkr! will be used for future consent forms for academies, excursions/ and incursions, so we encourage all parents to download and register for Qkr!. Paper copies will still be available to download for those parents that prefer them.

At Alkimos College our students work together to foster creativity and innovation to create empowered individuals. We provide a safe and inclusive environment where ‘hands on’ and ‘minds on’ learning experiences are embedded in everyday college life. Our staff and students strive for excellence and grow with our community to cultivate a culture of high quality teaching and learning.

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Should you have any questions relating to our Charges and Contributions or any other matter we encourage you to get in touch.