Health and Wellbeing

Alkimos College


The ANCHOR (Health and Wellbeing Program) will intentionally and explicitly teach our students how to develop the skills and competencies to grow their cognitive domain, along with the non-cognitive skills of social-emotional resilience. It will cover the 5 domains of wellbeing (cognitive, emotional, social, physical, spiritual) and will cover a range of areas, including:

  • Strengths and emotions
  • Positive engagement
  • Relationships
  • Skills and achievement
  • Exercise and vitality
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Leadership skills
  • Goal setting/coaching

ANCHOR will be timetabled for 2 periods per week and be reported on each semester.

The program will encompass the mandated Health curriculum of the WA Curriculum Outline and be aligned to the Interpersonal Skills outcome in Health and the Personal and Social Capability (self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, social management) of the General Capabilities.


ANCHOR is a college developed, ‘bespoke’ program, that aligns to the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework (leadership, inclusion, student voice, partnerships, support) and the Be You Framework (mentally healthy communities, learning resilience, partnerships, early support, responding together).


All students will be provided with a college diary that will contain positive education information and activities that will be used as part of the ANCHOR program, including access to online activities.


Erin Burnett
ANCHOR Coordinator

At Alkimos College our students work together to foster creativity and innovation to create empowered individuals. We provide a safe and inclusive environment where ‘hands on’ and ‘minds on’ learning experiences are embedded in everyday college life. Our staff and students strive for excellence and grow with our community to cultivate a culture of high quality teaching and learning.

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