Alkimos College

Food and Drink Policy

Alkimos College support the Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink Policy and healthy eating can play a vital role in helping to reduce childhood obesity. The college cafeteria will provide a valuable contribution to the school community and support a whole of college approach to health eating.


2021 Alkimos Cafe Menu

Please note prices may be subject to change.



Make ordering quick and easy by using QuickCliq. QuickCliq was created in WA in 2010 as a way to empower parents and schools to deliver healthy meals for students. QuickCliq’s cashless ordering system connects parents with schools directly, freeing up time and easing the morning rush. The business has quickly grown to having a presence in over 700 schools across Australia. Safety and security of your information is a paramount for us.

How to get started:



  1. Click here to register.

Get started

  1. Log in to QuickCliq
  2. Click “ADD STUDENT”. Ensure you complete all of your child’s details before clicking “NEXT”
  3. Click “ADD CREDIT” to add credit to your account
  4. Click “MEAL ORDER” to add a meal order, or click the “UNIFORMS” menu to place a uniform order

To place a Meal Order

  1. Select a Child
  2. Select a Date
  3. Select Meals you would like to order for your child and add them to cart
  4. Confirm the Order and click “PAY & PLACE ORDER”

Once you have confirmed and paid for the order, you will receive a confirmation email from QuickCliq. You can also double check your order by clicking either the “ACTIVE / CANCEL ORDERS” tab or the “TRANSACTION HISTORY” button. If you have any concerns, or need help, please email QuickCliq at or call 1300 11 66 37 . If you have any meal related issues, please contact Alkimos College Café 9561 7300.


We would like to congratulate and thank all those families who have already started using our online ordering system. We feel encouraged by the response we have had so far from our valued customers. Please remember that every single order, no matter how small, helps us give back to the students and the community.

Traffic light System

A traffic light system is used to categorise food and drinks as Green, Amber or Red. The cafeteria will use this system to plan menus that promote healthy, nutritious and affordable food and drinks. All members of the college community have an important role in creating a supportive culture where eating and drinking healthy food and drink is valued and encouraged. Parents/carers are also encouraged to use the traffic light system at home.


– GREEN category are encouraged. Schools should aim to fill their menus with these healthy foods.
– AMBER foods should be selected carefully and eaten in moderation.
– RED food and drinks are off the menu and will not be available in public schools.

We will treat all members of the College community with care. Our relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility. We recognise the value of working with parents/carers and the wider community, in the provision of high quality education.

Get in Touch

Should you have any questions relating to the cafeteria or any other matter we encourage you to get in touch.